Information on Car Magnets

When it comes to promoting your business or getting your business name out there there are a thousand ways to do it. One of the most simple ways to do it is with a car magnet. A car magnet is basically exactly what it sounds like. You stick the magnet to the side of your car and on the magnet is all the information about your business. Vehicle magnets are not expensive and are a quick and easy promotional tool for your business. Check out these other facts about custom car magnets.

Promote a Business

Among the many uses of a car magnet, promoting your business is probably the most common. You can use a car magnet to promote your self employment and get your name out there. Do you sell scentsy? Do you have a stay at home mom business? All of these things and more can be promoted. Magnetic car signs are way simpler than any other type of advertisement. And every where you go someone can see it. So whether you are just driving to pick your kids up from school or driving to your clients house, you are clearly marked and everyone can check out your business. So if you have your own business use a magnetized signs to promote it.

Make Money

Did you know that there are major corporations that will pay you a small amount of money to have their custom car magnet or advertisement on your car. Just like how companies will put their advertisements on bus stop benches, posting there advertisement on your car gets lots of views. And you get paid so why not!

What are They Made From?

Magnetic signs for cars are made from strong magnets that stick to the side of your car. Then there are certain logos made from plastic and paper that are glued to the magnet and printed on the magnet. The structure of the magnet all depends on the logo.

Will it Cause Damage?

So when it comes to magnetic signs it should be considered that they may cause a small amount of damage. When you put them on you will want to make sure that your car is super clean. That way there are no small particles of dirt behind the magnet. Because if that happens, the movement of the car may cause the magnet to move a little and can cause vehicle damage. Along with that, you will want to be sure to move the magnet around on a regular basis. Unless that vehicle is designed and planned to always be a ‘company car’ you don’t want any average wear to happen under the magnet. So moving it will ensure that the sun wear and dirt wear will be equal through all the car. If you leave it too long, then the paint under the magnet may stay nicer than the rest of the car. So if you go to sell it there will be an obvious square of un worn paint. So it won’t cause damage as long as the proper precautions are taken.

Are they Worth the Money?

Definitely. You can get a car magnet for anywhere from thirty dollars to as much as you want to spend. But a basic car magnet runs around thirty to fifty dollars. One way to tell if the advertisement is working or not is to ask your customers. Ask them how they learned about your company. If it was via your advertisement car magnet enough times then it will more than pay off your car magnet. Along with that, consider how much you drive. If you really don’t drive that much or don’t live on a busy street where people will drive by your home and see it on your car, then it may not be worth it. But if you do a lot of driving, or do a lot of house calls for your company then it may be worth it. But overall, for thirty dollars, its worth the risk.

Where Can I get One?

There are a thousand places to get one. Any decent sized town likely has a print shop. Print shops typically can find a place to order or can just print car magnet signs. Along with that, there are many online shops such as vista print that can easily get your product car magnet printed for you. Automobile magnet shops are all over the internet. If you can get a picture printed from a certain company then you can likely get a car magnet.