Car Magnets the New Car Decal

 Magnetic decals come in all shape, sizes, and types. You see them all the time. You are driving on the road and see this picture. The side of a van has this awesome picture. The picture is beautiful. The thought came it cost a lot of money. Did you ever think it may not be a paint job? That beautiful picture maybe a magnetic decal. The car magnetic is very detailed. The magnet decals adhere to vehicles tightly. You cannot tell if it is painted, glued, or a magnet. If properly applied it will not come off easy. The magnet will last a long time with care. The magnets can be special order to look anyway you wish. You can advertise on them. Magnets may have a theme or picture.

Large car magnets stick to a vehicle. It attaches to a clean, smooth surface. Vehicle magnets are available custom made or ready to go. The automobile magnets is a substitute to a custom paint job on a vehicle. The customer may remove the magnetic decal or sign at anytime. The auto magnet is affordable alternative to a paint job.

 The magnetic sign is on magnetized paper or vinyl. The car magnet can be in different thickness. The thickness of the magnet determines the strength. The greater the thickness the stronger the magnet. The magnetic property is strong. You need to know on some vehicles The surface may not be metal. You need to check the vehicle surface with a magnet. Vehicle magnets do not stick to fiberglass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

 Automobile magnets come in all shapes and sizes. The most common shape is a square. The magnet can be special ordered. You can order a special design or shape. It can be complex or simple. The majority of companies will take specialized orders. The corners on magnets are rounded.

 The magnet features can vary in size. You can choose the thickness, shape, and size. The magnet when applied will last a long time. The magnet must be used an a metal surface. The surface must be smooth and flat. Prior to applying the magnetic decal clean the surface. The paint on the surface need to be dry. You should not apply to new paint paint. Magnet decals are safe when applied to vehicles properly. The magnet can be applied to any vehicle with magnetized surfaces.

 When you receive your magnet decal there are important things to do. You need to straighten your magnet decal out. The magnet needs to be straightened out flat. You can straighten it on a refrigerator surface. The magnet decal are usually rolled up. The decal needs to be resettled. This helps in the magnet sticking to the magnetic surface.

 You need to clean the magnet and the magnetic surface prior to sticking it on the vehicle. You need to clean the magnet with a mild detergent on a cloth. The surface of the vehicle and magnet need to air dry. This will help keep debris from damaging your vehicle. This allows a strong magnetic connection.

 You need to apply the magnet decal to a flat surface. The magnet does not need to be applied to bumps, dents, curves, and molding. When applying check to make sure it is straight and even. You need to smooth out the magnet. You need to do this so it will stay adhered to the vehicle.

 The proper care of your magnet should be performed frequently. You need to remove the decal for cleaning. The surface and back of the magnet decal both need to be cleaned. Proper cleaning will keep the magnet decal looking good. It helps the magnetic field to stay strong.

 The magnet needs to be removed for car washes. It needs to be removed for power washes. These types of washes can damage your magnet decals. The magnet decal can be loosened and come off the vehicle from these type of cleaning.

 The magnet decal needs to be cleaned prior to storing it. It needs to be stored in a dry place. It needs to be covered front and back with fabric. This will help keep it from damage.

 The magnet decal use on an area has a possible life span over three years. The life span depends on caring for your magnet. You need to remove your magnet in heavy rain and severe weather. Magnets become loosened and damaged from severe weather. Your can remove and reapply as needed. You will need to clean it.