Car Magnets the New Car Decal

 Magnetic decals come in all shape, sizes, and types. You see them all the time. You are driving on the road and see this picture. The side of a van has this awesome picture. The picture is beautiful. The thought came it cost a lot of money. Did you ever think it may not be a paint job? That beautiful picture maybe a magnetic decal. The car magnetic is very detailed. The magnet decals adhere to vehicles tightly. You cannot tell if it is painted, glued, or a magnet. If properly applied it will not come off easy. The magnet will last a long time with care. The magnets can be special order to look anyway you wish. You can advertise on them. Magnets may have a theme or picture.

Large car magnets stick to a vehicle. It attaches to a clean, smooth surface. Vehicle magnets are available custom made or ready to go. The automobile magnets is a substitute to a custom paint job on a vehicle. The customer may remove the magnetic decal or sign at anytime. The auto magnet is affordable alternative to a paint job.

 The magnetic sign is on magnetized paper or vinyl. The car magnet can be in different thickness. The thickness of the magnet determines the strength. The greater the thickness the stronger the magnet. The magnetic property is strong. You need to know on some vehicles The surface may not be metal. You need to check the vehicle surface with a magnet. Vehicle magnets do not stick to fiberglass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

 Automobile magnets come in all shapes and sizes. The most common shape is a square. The magnet can be special ordered. You can order a special design or shape. It can be complex or simple. The majority of companies will take specialized orders. The corners on magnets are rounded.

 The magnet features can vary in size. You can choose the thickness, shape, and size. The magnet when applied will last a long time. The magnet must be used an a metal surface. The surface must be smooth and flat. Prior to applying the magnetic decal clean the surface. The paint on the surface need to be dry. You should not apply to new paint paint. Magnet decals are safe when applied to vehicles properly. The magnet can be applied to any vehicle with magnetized surfaces.

 When you receive your magnet decal there are important things to do. You need to straighten your magnet decal out. The magnet needs to be straightened out flat. You can straighten it on a refrigerator surface. The magnet decal are usually rolled up. The decal needs to be resettled. This helps in the magnet sticking to the magnetic surface.

 You need to clean the magnet and the magnetic surface prior to sticking it on the vehicle. You need to clean the magnet with a mild detergent on a cloth. The surface of the vehicle and magnet need to air dry. This will help keep debris from damaging your vehicle. This allows a strong magnetic connection.

 You need to apply the magnet decal to a flat surface. The magnet does not need to be applied to bumps, dents, curves, and molding. When applying check to make sure it is straight and even. You need to smooth out the magnet. You need to do this so it will stay adhered to the vehicle.

 The proper care of your magnet should be performed frequently. You need to remove the decal for cleaning. The surface and back of the magnet decal both need to be cleaned. Proper cleaning will keep the magnet decal looking good. It helps the magnetic field to stay strong.

 The magnet needs to be removed for car washes. It needs to be removed for power washes. These types of washes can damage your magnet decals. The magnet decal can be loosened and come off the vehicle from these type of cleaning.

 The magnet decal needs to be cleaned prior to storing it. It needs to be stored in a dry place. It needs to be covered front and back with fabric. This will help keep it from damage.

 The magnet decal use on an area has a possible life span over three years. The life span depends on caring for your magnet. You need to remove your magnet in heavy rain and severe weather. Magnets become loosened and damaged from severe weather. Your can remove and reapply as needed. You will need to clean it.

Car Magnets Are Great For Advertising

Car magnet signs such as these: are great for advertising. This allows you to advertise your products or services without having to pay someone to paint the sign on the car. The nice thing about vehicle magnets is that they can be switched to different cars as needed as they are not permanent.

You can choose to have magnetic signs made for your business. You can draw up exactly how you want to have the signs look. You can choose your own design and colors to represent your business perfectly. Custom car magnets are customized exactly the way that you would like them to look.

There are a lot of people on the roadway today. Everywhere you go there is traffic on the roadways. Cars are behind you, in front of you and passing you. There is always somebody new coming up to you in traffic. When asking yourself what is the best way to advertise your business magnet signs for cars is a good way to get your business out there. A lot of times we are stuck in traffic jams, or even behind another car at a stoplight. A colorful magnetic car sign can really capture our attention. When we are in a traffic jam or at a stoplight more often than not we are stopped. While we are waiting for the car in front of us to move, or for the light to change we are looking around at other cars. Magnetic car signs can really capture our attention. Since we are stopped we have the time to read what the sign says. If the sign has something on it that is interesting to us, more often than not we would follow up when we got to where we were going.

There are a lot of ways businesses can advertise today. Some of the ways are by putting an add on a billboard. Others take ads out on television or radio. Then, of course, there are ads in the paper, or in today’s day and age on the internet. Wherever you go you will see ads all over the place. In this day and age advertisements have overrun our time. You see ads on the billboards when you travel down the road. You cannot listen to a radio station without ads interrupting your music. Whenever you watch TV there are ads every 15 minutes of the program you are watching. Ads are everywhere and you cannot escape them.

If you are a business trying to get your business known and what you offer than ad choices can be very tricky. Of course, if you advertise on TV or the radio it is incredibly expensive and you are not guaranteed that people will see your ad. Most people use the commercial time of a program to go to the bathroom, get a snack or do something else. A lot of people when advertisements come on the radio switch channels or do not listen to the radio at all. If you advertise on the internet a lot of people will click out of the ad to go to where they are wanting to go. Most people do that without even reading the ad. So, now you are spending all this money and your ad is not even guaranteed to be seen.

A much more cost-effective way to advertise your business is with magnetic signs for cars. You can customize it the way that you want and it is a lot cheaper than using alternative ways to advertise. Using magnetized signs on your car as you are traveling down the road your sign will get seen. People do pay attention to the road and the car around them, so the advertisement on the car will be seen by a lot of drivers who are traveling the same road as you are.

The nice thing about these signs is they can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. They are not permanent as they are not painted on or stuck on. This makes this sign very versatile to use and it can go on any car.

The automobile magnet does not have to be a commercialized sign. Manufacturers are making pet magnets as well. For instance, a horse lover can buy a magnetic horse to put on their car to show their love of horses. These magnets come in all breeds of horses. The breed that you are closest to you can choose to purchase and put on your vehicle.

Magnetic signs are a very convenient way to advertise your business, show love for a pet among other things. They are very convenient and a good way to go.

Information on the best car signs

Are you searching for a unique way to help advertise your business? Could you use a little extra push in marketing? Car magnet signs are viable option to explore. Magnets can be custom made to deliver an impactful message to potential new customers. They can also reinforce your brand with existing buyers.

How Are Magnetic Car Signs Different Than Other Advertising?

There are several different ways an automobile magnet can impact your marketing. It’s portable. The message travels along with your vehicle. Other advertising usually stays in one place. Stationery advertising might include newspapers, billboards, or church bulletins. Online advertising also assumes someone will visit. Television advertising also needs a viewer to visit the channel. Magnetic signs for cars can hit specific locations based on your ability to drive to that area. You can canvass local communities you would like to specifically target.

Advertising with car magnets also puts a vehicle, name, and face with the company. It really helps prove you are local. The magnetic signs illustrate your company is out and about in your community just like many other business representatives. It can represent hard work and a willingness to earn business.

Custom Car Magnets

Magnets can be designed in many shapes or sizes. It doesn’t have to be a simple square. Some businesses want a specific design developed around a particular shape. They need to stay consistent with their current branding. Custom magnets can be built to help you enhance zyour already impressive brand. Vivid colors, bold lettering, and fine detail is also part of the customized experience. The magnets need to be eye-catching. Cars pass by quickly. Drivers and passengers only have a few seconds to glimpse over at a magnet. A custom magnet can really do the trick.

Vehicle Magnets Add Significant Exposure

Building your brand often comes down to repetition of advertising. It also has to do with consistency. There aren’t many better ways to consistently get your business name out there than car magnets. Other ads end after several weeks of “run” time. You might have to keep paying over and over again to keep the same ad on television, radio, or newspaper. A car magnet doesn’t have any recurring costs. The best news is the magnets do have plenty of recurring views.

Magnetized signs are seen multiple times as drivers commute to the same location on a daily basis. They’re seen again during routine business or work related trips. They’re seen when you go to lunch. They’re also seen when you travel to and from work. You might even consider hiring an additional driver to attach another magnet. It’s a low cost way to get additional advertising. The magnets are easily attached, removed, and stored. You can keep them in your office or home. You might also keep them in your vehicle.

You can only imagine the incredible benefits of driving with a car magnet over the course of a year. That’s 365 times a year your potential customers could view your advertisement.

What To Put On The Ad

The advertisement needs to be simple. A business name and number are typical. Brands need to remain consistent so there isn’t any confusion. Your address or email might be an option if your phone number isn’t the best contact. You want to make sure your magnet is easily understood. You shouldn’t leave any room for confusion. You also never want an advertisement that’s too busy. Busy could mean too many lines of information. You always have to consider people are typically driving when attempting to view your advertisement.

How long does it take to work? An advertisement might take several views to make a lasting impression. The good news is you will probably be driving around your local community where you want to attract potential customers on a daily basis. This allows your business to be spotlighted with a car magnet daily. It allows your current customers to see their business owner is also a member of their community. People love to buy from people they know. Insurance agents and real estate agents are two professions who often use car magnets. Construction companies, roofers, and painters might also utilize this advertising method. There really is no limit to which business owners might benefit from a car magnet. It’s also a great thing to have when your car is involved in a town parade. You need signage for a Christmas parade. You want to make sure each attendee realizes which car is pulling each float. A magnet is a great option.

Information on Car Magnets

When it comes to promoting your business or getting your business name out there there are a thousand ways to do it. One of the most simple ways to do it is with a car magnet. A car magnet is basically exactly what it sounds like. You stick the magnet to the side of your car and on the magnet is all the information about your business. Vehicle magnets are not expensive and are a quick and easy promotional tool for your business. Check out these other facts about custom car magnets.

Promote a Business

Among the many uses of a car magnet, promoting your business is probably the most common. You can use a car magnet to promote your self employment and get your name out there. Do you sell scentsy? Do you have a stay at home mom business? All of these things and more can be promoted. Magnetic car signs are way simpler than any other type of advertisement. And every where you go someone can see it. So whether you are just driving to pick your kids up from school or driving to your clients house, you are clearly marked and everyone can check out your business. So if you have your own business use a magnetized signs to promote it.

Make Money

Did you know that there are major corporations that will pay you a small amount of money to have their custom car magnet or advertisement on your car. Just like how companies will put their advertisements on bus stop benches, posting there advertisement on your car gets lots of views. And you get paid so why not!

What are They Made From?

Magnetic signs for cars are made from strong magnets that stick to the side of your car. Then there are certain logos made from plastic and paper that are glued to the magnet and printed on the magnet. The structure of the magnet all depends on the logo.

Will it Cause Damage?

So when it comes to magnetic signs it should be considered that they may cause a small amount of damage. When you put them on you will want to make sure that your car is super clean. That way there are no small particles of dirt behind the magnet. Because if that happens, the movement of the car may cause the magnet to move a little and can cause vehicle damage. Along with that, you will want to be sure to move the magnet around on a regular basis. Unless that vehicle is designed and planned to always be a ‘company car’ you don’t want any average wear to happen under the magnet. So moving it will ensure that the sun wear and dirt wear will be equal through all the car. If you leave it too long, then the paint under the magnet may stay nicer than the rest of the car. So if you go to sell it there will be an obvious square of un worn paint. So it won’t cause damage as long as the proper precautions are taken.

Are they Worth the Money?

Definitely. You can get a car magnet for anywhere from thirty dollars to as much as you want to spend. But a basic car magnet runs around thirty to fifty dollars. One way to tell if the advertisement is working or not is to ask your customers. Ask them how they learned about your company. If it was via your advertisement car magnet enough times then it will more than pay off your car magnet. Along with that, consider how much you drive. If you really don’t drive that much or don’t live on a busy street where people will drive by your home and see it on your car, then it may not be worth it. But if you do a lot of driving, or do a lot of house calls for your company then it may be worth it. But overall, for thirty dollars, its worth the risk.

Where Can I get One?

There are a thousand places to get one. Any decent sized town likely has a print shop. Print shops typically can find a place to order or can just print car magnet signs. Along with that, there are many online shops such as vista print that can easily get your product car magnet printed for you. Automobile magnet shops are all over the internet. If you can get a picture printed from a certain company then you can likely get a car magnet.

Veracruz Cafe

We are here at Veracruz Café in Dallas, here where it is nice to relax with your laptop, doing some work, especially if you work in the advertising space. We know some people who like to design stickers for cars, and of course, they come here while they do it, drink some coffee, chat with a few people and get the marketing done! If you think you might be interested in that, then we offer you to please come ahead and get it over with!